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Policies and Procedures

Westbury Baptist Pre-school has a wide range of policies and procedures to ensure the smooth running of the Pre-school and to advise parents and children in areas of interest.  These policies are updated regularly by the Committee and staff and are available on request from the Pre-school office.


We at Westbury Baptist Pre-school consider that the welfare of the child is paramount and it is the duty of members, staff and volunteers to implement this policy, and to ensure that it has in place appropriate procedures to safeguard the well being of children and young people and protect them from abuse.

The Pre-school supports each child’s development in ways which foster security, confidence and independence through its Safeguarding and other policies.



We welcome comments from parents at any time.  If you have any concerns about your child’s time at our Pre-school, please contact the Pre-school Team Leader.

However, if any such matters are not resolved to your satisfaction or you do not feel that it is appropriate to contact the Pre-school Team Leader, you should write to the Chairperson of the Pre-school Committee or Ofsted . Further details of how to contact can be found on our notice board:

All complaints notified in writing will be recorded confidentially and investigated. 
Complaints sent directly to Ofsted will usually be referred back to the Pre-school to investigate.  The parent who made the complaint will be notified of the outcome of the investigation within 28 days. Ofsted will be informed of the complaint and the outcome.

The Bristol Standard

In order to help us continually develop and improve our provision, the Pre-School is participating in the Bristol Standard, a self-evaluation scheme that is externally validated. We submitted our first entry in 2006 and were delighted to have our submission approved and validated.  We have continued to submit full and interim reports as required thus maintaining our Bristol Standard accreditation to the present day. Most recently the Bristol Standard validation group commented on “The photographic evidence clearly demonstrated the breadth of experiences offered to the children. It is evident that children’s views are taken into account and they are encouraged to be independent learners.”


We were inspected on 27th June 2018 and OFSTED reported that the quality of our provision was ‘Good’. They commented that:

‘The play leader and staff are constantly reflecting on the provision......they use feedback and extra funding effectively to make positive changes’

‘Staff form secure attachments with children.......children settle well and children make good progress in their learning.’

‘Staff have enhanced the play environments and make sure that children can readily access play materials’

‘Children are superbly confident in making choices’

‘Staff are excellent role models for children......children’s behaviour is extremely good’

‘Staff prepare children well for the transition on to school’

Please click on the link below to read the full report.  A copy is also displayed in the entrance hall.

BAND – Bristol Association for Neighbourhood Daycare

Westbury Baptist Pre-school are a member of BAND, an organisation which supports and develops childcare provision in and around Bristol, they provide us with advice and Support from their Development and Support Team and Good Practice Guidelines. 

For further information please visit