Starting Pre-School


We welcome children who are 3 or will be turning 3 during the term you wish them to start.  We prefer children to attend for at least 3 mornings per week so that each child can develop positive relationships with the staff, particularly the key person, and the other children.  This enables the staff to identify and implement appropriate play and learning experiences in all areas based on each child’s needs and experiences as required by the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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Home Visits

The Pre-school team very much welcome the opportunity to get to know the children before they start and also for the children to become familiar with the pre-school surroundings.  We suggest two or three short visits during the term before they are due to start. 

On their first day, your child’s key worker along with one other member of staff will visit you at home.  This will be an opportunity to meet their key worker in the childs familiar home environment and discuss any particular likes/dislikes or concerns you may have anything regarding your child’s entry to pre-school.  This meeting should last no more than half an hour.   On their second day, we will welcome you and your child to Pre-school at 9.00am where you will both be invited to stay for an hour and a half.  Thereafter your child will attend pre-school on the days agreed.

Registering your child

If you would like to register your child for a place at pre-school, please contact Claire, our Administrator on 0117 9622338 or .  The Waiting List is kept in date order based on the date the waiting list application form is received by the Administrator. We have an intake in September, January and April (subject to availability) and places are allocated during the summer term (April/May) for the next academic year.

Free Early Education Entitlement

Every child will be entitled to a maximum of 15 hours free provision for 38 weeks of the year, from the term after their third birthday.  The Free Early Educational Entitlement is payable from 1st September, 1st January or 1st April after your child turns three.   If your child attends an additional setting, the 15 hours free funding can be split between the two.


30 Hours Free Childcare (Extended Hours)

All three- and four-year-olds in England are currently eligible for funded early years provision for 15 hours per week (universal offer), 38 weeks of the year.

In September 2017, this increased to 30 hours per week (extended offer), for three and four-year-olds from eligible working families. This coincided with the launch of Tax Free childcare which will replace childcare vouchers.

Westbury Baptist Pre-school will be offering a total of 28 hours per week (subject to availability), term time only:

Monday - Friday
9-12 (3hr session)
9-1 (4hr session)

9-3 (6 hr session)

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30 hours free childcare


Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)

The Department for Education is providing additional funding for eligible children who are 3 and 4 years old accessing their free early education entitlement. You will receive information on this when your child starts pre-school. Early years providers will use this extra funding to improve the quality of education for disadvantaged children. For further information on the EYPP please click on the link below.

Tax Free Childcare & Childcare vouchers

You are welcome to pay fees using Childcare Vouchers. The setting and the employee will need to register with the scheme provider. Your employer will be able to tell you which company administers their scheme. Once we are registered with the relevant provider we will be able to accept your Childcare Vouchers.

Tax Free Childcare is a new Government scheme which was introduced in April 2017, to help working parents with the cost of childcare. This will eventually replace childcare vouchers.

For every £8 that families pay in, the Government will make a top-up payment of £2, up to a maximum of £2,000 per child per year (or £4,000 for disabled children).

Tax-Free Childcare will be available for children under 12 years old (under 17 years old for disabled children).

To be eligible, parents must be in work (including self-employment) and each earning at least £120 per week and not more than £100,000 per year.




For those children who are not yet eligible for the Free Early Education Entitlement or who claim it all elsewhere, or who exceed the 15 hours per week free provision, the fees will be as follows:

Morning (9-12) £19.50
Morning(9-1) £26
All day* (9-3) £39
*Mon-Thurs only



Childcare vouchers

You are welcome to pay fees using Childcare Vouchers.  The setting and the employee will need to register with the scheme provider. Your employer will be able to tell you which company administers their scheme. Once we are registered with the relevant provider we will be able to accept your Childcare Vouchers. 

Voluntary Contribution

We invite parents to make a voluntary contribution of 50p per session to help with extra/special activities which are not normally covered by the requirements of the Free Early Education Entitlement. This includes the daily fruit snack, end of term party, presents for the children (birthdays, Christmas and leavers) and the end of term trip for the children in June/July. You will be given a letter at the start of each term, Autumn (Sept), Spring (Jan) and Summer (April) inviting you to make a contribution.

Dropping off and collecting

The Pre-school doors are open at 9.00am. The children are welcomed by the staff and they then self register by putting their ‘name teddy’ on the ‘train’. Arrival is obviously a busy time so parents must take responsibility for their child and any siblings until they leave the building. The doors will be locked as soon as the last parent/carer leaves, usually around 9.10am.

At collection time, the doors will be opened at 12.00pm or 1.00pm if they are staying for lunch or 3.00pm if they are staying for the all day session.  Parents/carers are welcomed and their child will be called when their parent/carer has arrived.  Parents/carers must ensure that pre-school staff are informed in person by writing in the book provided or by telephone of changes to who will be collecting their child/children.  Passwords are required from anyone other than those listed on the Registration Documents before they can collect any child.

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Parents are asked to keep their children at home if they are ill and to inform the Pre-school as to the nature of the illness.  We will make every effort to stop the spread of infection within the setting but can only do this with the co-operation of parent/carers.

Below is a list of the most common childhood ailments that are infectious and the recommended exclusion period.

Coughs, colds and sore throats – we appreciate that children often pick up cold viruses without being ill and accept they do not need to be stay away from the setting, however, if they have raised temperature, continued cough, or are unable to eat, then exclusion will be necessary.

Any child with sickness or diarrhoea must be kept away from pre-school for at least 48 hours after the last episode of sickness and/or diarrhoea

Temperatures – any child with a raised temperature, even if not accompanied by any other symptoms, should be kept away.

Further information regarding exclusion periods and general health protection for children regarding Infection Control can be found at