Pre-school Communication

Our Partnership with Parents/Carers

Westbury Baptist Pre-School encourages an atmosphere where communication occurs readily between the pre-school and home. We help to foster this culture and build strong pre-school/parent/carer links by:

  • Sharing information before your child starts
  • Welcome meeting before your child starts
  • A settling in period
  • A key person system
  • Regular communication about your child’s day
  • Regular opportunities to discuss your child’s progress
  • A welcome board containing relevant information
  • Frequent newsletters
  • Parent/Carer volunteers 

Welcome Board

In the foyer there is a welcome board displaying notices and posters to share information with parents/carers.


Newsletters are sent home on a termly basis via e-mail to keep parents informed of the activities and any special events in Pre-School. This information is also displayed on the noticeboard.



Key person system

Each child is assigned to a key person. This is a specific member of staff who has responsibility for your child’s well-being and development at Pre-School. They will be the first point of contact for parents and will keep, maintain and share information about your child in the form of a Learning Diary.

Parent Representative

The parent representative  liaise with parents/carers and arrange get togethers at the park, picnics or coffee mornings.  The parent representative also plays an active role on the pre-school committee.


Parent Feedback

‘This is a fabulous, nurturing pre-school in which our daughter has thrived’

‘…..he can now count very well and write his name. He is confident and happy which I believe has come from his experiences in Pre-school……..Westbury Baptist Pre-school is a wonderful pre-school, my son has enjoyed every minute…’

‘…..I would recommend Westbury Baptist Pre-school to everyone.’